Shipping Policy

Shipping & Delivery

  • Processing of orders typically takes one to two (1-2) business days. There may be a delay if there are difficulties in securing the product.
  • We provide two (2) types of shipping:
    • K-Packet (Generally 2-3 weeks) to:
      • United States (except Hawaii, Guam, Saipan), Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Spain, France, England (GB), Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam.
    • Fedex (3-5 business days) to:
      • All countries (except the countries/regions mentioned below).
    • Apologies as we are unable to ship to the following countries/regions yet:
      • [AD] Andorra, [AF] Afghanistan, [AG] Antigua and Barbuda, [AI] Anguilla, [AL] Albania, [AM] Armenia, [AN] Netherlands Antilles, [AO] Angola, [AS] American Samoa, [AW] Aruba, [BA] Bosnia and Herzegovina, [BB] Barbados, [BF] Burkina Faso, [BJ] Benin, [BM] Bermuda, [BN] Brunei Darussalam, [BW] Botswana, [BZ] Belize, [CC] Cocos (Keeling) Islands, [CD] Congo, [CF] Central African Republic, [CG] Congo, [CK] Cook Islands, [CR] Costa Rica, [CU] Cuba, [CV] Cape Verde, [DJ] Djibouti, [DM] Dominica, [DO] Dominican Republic, [DZ] Algeria, [FJ] Fiji, [FO] Faroe Islands, [GI] Gibraltar, [GP] Guadeloupe, [GQ] Equatorial Guinea, [GR] Greece, [GS] South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, [GW] Guinea-Bissau, [HM] Heard and Mcdonald Islands, [IM] Isle of Man, [KI] Kiribati, [KM] Comoros, [KN] Saint Kitts and Nevis, [LA] Lao PDR, [LI] Liechtenstein, [MH] Marshall Islands, [MK] Macedonia, [MP] Northern Mariana Islands, [MQ] Martinique, [MR] Mauritania, [MS] Montserrat, [MX] Mexico, [NA] Namibia, [NF] Norfolk Island, [NR] Nauru, [NU] Niue, [PA] Panama, [PF] French Polynesia, [PM] Saint Pierre and Miquelon, [PS] Palestinian Territory, [PW] Palau, [RE] R union,[SH] Saint Helena, [SJ] Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands, [TC] Turks and Caicos Islands, [TD] Chad, [TF] French Southern Territories, [TK] Tokelau, [TV] Tuvalu, [UA] Ukraine, [VA] Holy See, [VC] Saint Vincent and Grenadines, [VU] Vanuatu, [WF] Wallis and Futuna Islands, [WS] Samoa, [YT] Mayotte

Customs & Duty

  • Customers are responsible for customs and duty taxes.
  • Consult your country's customs office for accurate information regarding import taxes.
  • The shipping fee paid to Kitue is based solely on freight charges alone and does not include any costs incurred in the importing country.
  • Customers are responsible for any customs duties, value-added taxes, and additional incidental costs associated with customs clearance to the importing country.