Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 1 December 2023

Welcome to the coolest spot on the internet, Kitue! Our Privacy Policy is your backstage pass to understanding how we roll with your personal info on our Shopify shindig.

1. The Deets We Collect:

Picture this as a VIP guest list — when you drop by, we might snag:

  • Your digits (name, email, phone)
  • Where to send your goodies
  • How you're throwing down (payment info)
  • A sneak peek into your order history

2. Our Data Disco:

We’re using the scoop on you to:

  • Ship your orders like a party in a box 🎁
  • Amp up our products and services
  • Slide into your inbox with hot deals and party invites
  • Keep things legit, following the law of the land

3. Legal Jig with PDPA, GDPR, and Friends:

We're not just throwing confetti; we're also serious about your privacy. Kitue plays nice with:

  • PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act): Keeping it real in Singapore.
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): Because EU pals, we got you.
  • USA Data Privacy Vibes: Grooving to the beat of US data privacy laws.

4. Security — Locking It Down:

Your info is like the dance floor, and we've got bouncers. We’ve set up the ultimate barriers — physical, electronic, and managerial — to keep your details partying with us.

5. Your Rights to the Beat:

You’re the DJ of your data! You can:

  • Remix, correct, or delete your details
  • Opt-out of our cool newsletters
  • Raise the roof with a complaint to the data protection authorities

6. Change It Up:

Sometimes the beat changes, and so might this policy. Check back here for any remixes.

7. Let's Chat:

Questions or vibes about our Privacy Policy? Slide into our DMs at

By hanging with us, you’re jamming to the terms laid out in this Privacy Policy.

Keep it real and party on!