Best Baby Shower Invitations and Theme Resources

Celebrating a new baby is a wonderful reason to get friends and family together. If you are planning a baby shower, check our tips for Creating the Perfect Party.

1) Invitations

After you decide the theme of party, you should also think about the invitation design and colors such as pink elephant or colorful unicorn invitations.

2) envelopes - belly bands

Next step is choosing compatible envelopes with your shower theme and invitations.

3) Books for baby cards

Instead of providing your guests with a registry full of clothes and toys, give them a registry filled with some of your favorite books.

4) diaper raffle cards

Everyone loves a raffle prize, especially when it comes to baby shower guests! Give the masses what they want with these diaper raffles.

5) advice CARDS

Getting adjusted to the next chapter of your life is exciting but sometimes challenging; that's why these personalized baby shower advice cards are a must-have for your baby shower. Gather advice from friends and family in this exciting time!

6) thank you cards

Baby showers can be a ton of fun and we hope that was your experience. Getting showered with love and gifts is amazing, but it also means you’ve got some thanking to do! Writing thank you cards is just part of the deal. And doing your thank yous is so much more fun when the designs are THIS cute!

7) Games

Consider your crowd when it comes to planning activities, and incorporate games that involve both partners—and that both male and female attendees will want to play.

8) Stickers

Stickers make a very special event even more unique. Whether it's a boy, girl or gender neutral affair, impress your guests with adorable stickers.

9) Labels

Favor labels are a perfect way to add a personal touch to every shower gift or package.

10) table numbers - place cards

You can use the table numbers and place cards if it is a large party.

11) plates & bottle labels & napkins

You should also think about the table decorations such as plates, bottles, napkins and other table objects.

12) Banners - signs

A must-have decoration is a banner. They're easy to decorate and a great way to share the message of the shower. You can hang these on the wall or on the edge of the gift or cake table.